Angie Bain
Grounding Knowledge: Archival Records and the Indigenous Cultural
Landscape (with Leesa Mike and Dave Caswell) May 2017 (Article) . Royal
British Columbia Museum Curious Magazine grounding-knowledge/

Lower Nicola Indian Band Cultural Heritage Policy Community
Presentations for Lower Nicola Indian Band May 28-29, 2017 and July 10,
2017 Merritt, British Columbia

Delays, Elders and the Loss of Knowledge, National Claims Research
Workshop , October 2-4, 2017 Ottawa, Ontario

Making the Invisible Visible: Embracing Responsibility, Respect and
Reciprocity; Digital Knowledge Sharing: Stories from the American
Philosophical Society Library Symposium

American Society for Ethnohistory Conference, October 11-14, 2017 .

Nlaka’pamux Stories and Traditional Indigenous Laws, Lower Nicola Indian
Band Elders Meeting, September 26, 2017, Merritt, British Columbia
The Franz Boas Papers: (Re)assessing Archival Documents. Friends of the
BC Archives, January 21, 2018, Royal BC Museum, Victoria, British

Ethics, Community, and Access: Working with Indigenous Archives
Archives Association of British Columbia 2018 Conference: Access &
Accountability April 12-13, 2018 Royal BC Museum, Victoria, British

Memory of Place and Rich Stories: Turning the Page, Writing a New
Chapter. Heritage BC Conference Rich Heritage: Telling Our Stories May
10-12, 2018 New Westminster, British

The “One Button” Solution: Opening the Door and Locking the Vault.
Association of Canadian Archivists 2018 Conference: Truths, Trust and
Technology June 6-9, 2018 Edmonton,

Indigenous Expertise and the Archival Record: A Conversation on
Community- Based Research. Keynote Conversation with Brian Carpenter
August 8, 2018 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Indigenous Voices: Truth and Trust in the Era of Reconciliation - Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) Librarian/Archivist Melissa Adams and Researcher Angie Bain
October 10-12, 2018
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Preparing a Specific Claim – Pacific Business & Law Institute
Senior Researcher Robyn Laba, Researcher Angie Bain, Union of BC Indian Chiefs
December 13, 2018
Vancouver, BC

“Respect, Responsibility and Relationships:  All the land is my house / Yémes, sʔémit, łúmuʔstn- Tékm heʔ timíxʷ łn cítxʷ
Indigenous Heritage Circle - Closer to Home: Locating and Retrieving Indigenous Heritage from Archives Outside Canada,

A Symposium

March 5-6, 2019

Winnipeg, Manitoba

M. Sam Cronk
Decolonizing Archival Research: Indigenous Music from the North West
Coast. Invited lecture, Core I, Scripps College, January 2018

Contemporary roles for community-based Ethnomusicological Research:
The Boas Project. Invited lecture, Scripps College, January 2018

Gender, Institutions, and Access to Information – The Power of Libraries
and Archives. Invited lecture: Claremont Graduate University , June 2018

compiled: By, For and About Boas: A Comprehensive, Collaborative
Bibliography (with materials shared by Angie Bain, Sarah Moritz, Joshua
Smith et al.), May-June 2018

Collaborative Principles and Digital Archives. A Think Tank of
Conversations Regarding Haudenosaunee Collections. Woodland Cultural
Centre, Brantford ON, August 2018


Dr. Regna Darnell
Collaborative Research with Indigenous North Americans. Indiana at the
Crossroads of American Anthropology and History: Symposium in Honor
of Raymond J. DeMallie. Bloomington IN. 2017

Lecture and Discussant: Indigenous Approaches to Environment and
Sustainability. Panel, Environment and Sustainability Program, University
of Western Ontario, London ON. 2017

Workshop: Western Anthropology Graduate Society Conference
(WAGS). Session Chair 2017

Invited Lecture: The Center for Native American and Indigenous
Research. American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, May 2018
The Intersectionality of Disciplines, Indigenous Communities and Public
Sectors. Land, Language, Locatives Conference 2018. University of
Western Ontario, London

Collaborative Principles of the Franz Boas Papers Project. A Think Tank
of Conversations Regarding Haudenosaunee Longhouse
Collections. Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford ON, August 2018

The Anthropologist Walking Alongside: Fieldwork Takes a Long Time.
Session, Omissions and Silences in Anthropological Fieldwork: Revisiting
Earlier Fieldwork. American Anthropological Association 2018 , San Jose.
Discussant: Resilient Sovereignties: Land, Language and Resistance in
Indigenous-Settler Contexts. American Anthropological Association 2018,
San Jose CA


Sarah Carmen Moritz

Moritz, S. & A. Oehler. (Submitted for peer-review). Articulating shared materialities: interspecies

communication in St'át'imc and Soiot fishing contexts.

Moritz, S. 2019. Tsá7ts7acw aylh ta nk̓yápa (Coyote is happy): Articulating Interior Salish land,

law and place in (De)Colonial British Columbia. (Manuscript under review, presented in absentia

at the December 13-15 2018 Land, Language, Locatives Conference (UWO).

Siragusa, L., C. Westman, & S. Moritz. 2019. Shared Breath: Human and Non-Human Co-presence

through Ritualized Words and Beyond. (Current Anthropology, forthcoming). 

Moritz, S. 2019 (forthcoming). Cúz̓lhkan Sqwe̓qwel̓ (I’m going to tell a story): Revitalizing Stories

to Strengthen Fish, Water and the Upper St’át’imc Salish Language. Eds. Patrick Spero,

Abigail Shelton, and Adrianna Link. Lincoln: Nebraska Press.

Moritz, S. & Qwalqwalten (Garry John). 2019. “We kicked your ass at CP146: Living,

Governing and Protecting the St’át’ímc Way of Life in the Fraser River Valley”.

(Toronto: University of Toronto Press, accepted for publication).

Panel Convenor, with Andrew Oehler , Materialities of human-animal
movement in northern landscapes, CASCA 2017

Articulating shared materialities: interspecies communication in St’át’imc
and Soiot fishing contexts. CASCA, 2017


Julia Poertner
Lecturer, German Translation Seminar, Franz Boas Papers Project,
Dalhousie University


Dr. Joshua Smith
Cultural Analytics: Relationality and the History of Anthropology. American
Anthropological Association 2017. Washington D.C.

‘A Dangerous Spot’: Nancy Lurie and the Violent Facts of Ethnohistory.
American Society for Ethnohistory. 2017, Winnipeg.

Panel Convenor, with Maureen Matthews: What Do Indigenous Artefacts
Want? Joint Meeting of the International Union of Anthropological and
Ethnological Sciences and Canadian Anthropology Society 2017

Franz Boas Died For Your Sins: An Anthropologist Manifesto. Inaugural
Regna Darnell Distinguished Lecture in Theory, Ethnography and Activism
in Anthropology. University of Western Ontario, Spring 2018

Conference and Panel Organization: Resilient Sovereignties: Land,
Language and Resistance in Indigenous-Settler Contexts. American
Anthropological Association November 2018, San Jose CA

Presenter: Peoplehood and Polities: Indigenous Expressions of Sovereignty. Land,

Languages, Locatives. London, Ontario.

Dr. Rob Wishart

The trap as a home: domination and mutualism in Gwich’in sensibilities
about trapping. Panel: Materialities of human-animal movement in northern
landscapes, CASCA 2017

Knowledge Mobilization,


Knowledge Mobilization, 2014-2015

Knowledge Mobilization




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